TPM-S Tart And Pie Machine

TPM-S Tart And Pie Machine

At Fully automatic models the molded pans or alu-foils plates are conveyed by a chain conveyor under the volumetric head (extruder or dose hopper) which deposits the required quantity of dough inside mold. The heated press forms the tarts. Then the ready tarts/pies are exported into the output conveyor.

A Filling head can be placed after the output conveyor to fill the tarts/pies with one or more fillings.

1-It is the ideal dough shaping machine produced for tartolet.

2- It is a fully automatic machine that can be controlled by a memory programmable PLC screen. The product forms its own portions and shapes. You just give your dough to the machine and send the products from the machine to the oven. Conveyor speeds and dough push speed can be adjusted.

3- It is made of AISI304 stainless steel. It is suitable for mass production.

4- It has 20 forming capacities per minute from 20 to 120 mm diameter range.

5- It is very easy to use and change mold. There is mold according to the product you want.

Motor Specifications3Faze – 380V-50Hz
Total Electrical Power3 kW
Capacity Of Dough (Pcs)20 Piece / Minute
Product Sizes20 – 120 mm Range
Measures2800 x 800 x 2300
Max Air Pressure5 Bar